Shin Splints; an explanation

Shin splints is normally associated with one of two conditions:

1) Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

This can range from a mild irritation of the external layer of the bone (the periosteum) to a stress fracture of the shin bone (the tibia). In both cases it is repeated stress to the shin bone that eventually lead to an area of pain that flares up when exercising.

2) Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS)

A “compartment” is a section of muscle that is surrounded by not very stretchy tissue called fascia. As the muscle is exercised it requires extra blood to provide fuel and nutrients for the extra workload. If the activity is great enough the amount of blood that is pumped out of the compartment is less than the amount that is pumped in, leading to a rise in pressure within the compartment. This can eventually lead to everything in the compartment being squashed, including nerves (causing pain) and smaller blood vessels (that makes everything worse as even less blood can be transported out of the compartment).

Shin Splint Treatment and Pain Relief

An Active650 calf support can help with both of the above causes of shin splints so you don’t need to worry about which one is causing your pain. Pain caused by MTSS can be greatly reduced because the Active650 calf support reduces the stress on specific points and helps spread the load over a wider area. The well documented increase in blood flow that compression can provide will help to prevent CECS.

The exceptional comfort provided by the Active650 fabric means that the calf supports can be worn during long periods of exercise, will not slip and can be worn under apparel.

Hold it if it Hurts!

Whether it’s a bump, a strain, a muscle tear or even a broken bone, what is the first thing you do when you hurt yourself?

Shin Splint Prevention and Pain Management

You immediately grab hold of the bit that hurts. The management of the injury over the next hours, days and weeks may well differ but everyone’s initial reaction to pain is the same: clutch it, cradle it, hold it.

Why is this?

Quite simply, we don’t know. Theories range from affecting the pain receptors to providing a tourniquet-like effect for nerves and blood vessels to isolating the damaged structures and preventing further movement.

Whatever the reason is, we all do it.

Clearly, it would be impossible to spend all day holding your injury, which is why we at Active650 have come up with a range of super-comfortable supports that clutch, cradle and hold for you.

You get on with your life while Active 650 holds the bit that hurts!

The Active650 Difference

Unique fabric with superior stretch
Unrivalled comfort
Allows full range of movement
Will not slip
Closed cell technology repels sweat, bacteria and odour
No complicated taping requiring costly reapplication and therapist visits